General Election June 8th

General Election June 8th

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has decided to disrupt our council election campaign by selfishly and inconsiderately calling a snap General Election. (Tsk!)

However, be that as it “May”, if life gives you lemons…squeeze them back in the ****s eyes is what I say.

Accordingly the leadership team will be doing our best to appoint a campaign manager and place some candidates in key positions in Scotland. Given our current financial situation we are looking at three, possibly four, candidates at the most but ideally I’d like to have six.

Any one of you interested in running, and realistically self funding(£500 deposit), should contact myself, Derek Scott or Stevie McNamara at the soonest possible opportunity. We only have a limited amount of time to register candidates. Probably three weeks at the most.

We desperately need financial backing if we want to make an impact on this.

Admittedly the timing is lousy for everyone but the PM herself. You’d almost think she done that deliberately. But it’s still a great opportunity for us to get the message out there, so dig deep if you can please troops.

Thanks and appreciation.


Tom Laird

Party Leader

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