2022 Scottish Local Elections results

The results are in and it has been quite a ride getting here! Without any support from the media or tons of money, we have brought our message to the people willing to listen.

We had 19 candidates running across 11 councils, with our best result by Harry Christian in the East Sutherland and Edderton ward of 1.6% of the vote. In total we received 698 votes.


% of votes

Oren Catz
Torry Ferryhill

Bryce Hope
Kincorth Nigg and Cove

Stuart Whitby
Strathbogie and Howe of Alford

Jonathan Rainey
West Dunbartonshire

Tam Laird
Edinburgh City

Gregor Masson
Fountainbridge / …

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AGM 2022 Announcement

AGM 2022 Announcement

The party’s AGM for 2022 will take place in Edinburgh on Saturday 10th September.

Time and venue TBA. We would encourage all members to come along.

Among other considerations, Considerable time will be devoted( in addition to the huge amount of time already consumed, time that could have been more productively spent.) to the issues surrounding the Stephen McNamara debacle.

An agenda for the meeting will be drawn up shortly and would ask that any proposals for discussion be forwarded 28 days before the AGM date.


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Party Leader on GB News Discussing Smacking Ban

2022 Local Election Candidates Announced

2022 Local Election Candidates Announced

The SLP are pleased and proud to announce that all freedom loving individuals will be able to vote for the following candidates in these areas:


Oren Catz – Torry Ferryhill

Bryce Hope – Kincorth Nigg and Cove

Stuart Whitby – Strathbogie and Howe of Alford


Jonathan Rainey – Dumbarton


Tam Laird (Party Leader) – Inverleith

Gregor Masson – Fountainbridge Craiglockhart

Louis Rowlands – Pentland Hills

Peter Sidor – Morningside

Gary Smith – Drumbrae Gyle


Daniel Fraser – Midlothian South


George Morton – Rosyth


Cam Milne – North East

Nick Thomson – Anderston City Yorkhill


Harry Christian – East …

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Party Leader on Dan Wootton GB News

Party Leader Tam Laird on GB News with Mark Dolan

Big Win for Alberta

Bamboozled bureaucrats in Canada SCRAMBLE after being challenged by local man over $1200 fine!

Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Alberta, Canada has lifted the majority of Covid-related restrictions after being taken on by a brave freedom fighter!

In an interview with the Stew Peters Show, Patrick King told his story which took him from being slapped with a $1200 fine for breaking Covid regulations to being the man who saved Alberta from tyranny – or at least a chunk of it! After being targeted by the …

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The Results Are In!

The Results Are In!

It was quite a battle to get here! And the results are more than impressive – this is the first time in history every voter in Scotland was able to vote for a libertarian party. Without any support from the media or tons of money, we have brought our message to the people willing to listen. It’s quite hard to bring new ideas to the public but we have made a good start on this journey.

We have run candidates in nine constituencies, also a record …

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Monumental May 6th Candidate Announcement

Monumental May 6th Candidate Announcement

The Scottish Libertarian Party have once again reached another unprecedented  landmark. On May 6th 2021 for the first time in Scottish history every member of the electorate will have the opportunity to vote for a Libertarian candidate, whether in a constituency, region or both. 

Party leadership together with our activists and candidates have worked hard to make this happen and I extend my congratulations and thanks to all. In of itself this is monumental, but we have an opportunity to do more.

With your help we can …

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Murder in Holyrood

Murder in Holyrood

A vicious and brutal assault was carried out in the Scottish Parliament yesterday resulting in a tragic and senseless death.

The victim “Free Speech” lay lifeless on the floor of the parliament as the 82 perpetrators, all MSPs, gloated and congratulated each other. Only 32 MSPs protested and tried to help the victim while 4 shamefully turned there backs and chose not to intervene,

The names of the perpetrators are as yet unknown, but continue to watch this space as full names and constituencies will be posted …

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