Key Members

The Scottish Libertarian Party needs support from every member with no job or role too small. The key members in the party include the following:

Leader: Tam Laird

Tam Laird is a former infantry soldier originally from Bellshill Lanarks. Now living in Edinburgh Tom has a history of political activism, having once been a member of the SNP in the days when it purported to believe in Independence.

Deputy Leader: Calum “Caz” Paul

Calum works in the TV and film industry and is an active volunteer for a historical educational charity. He was born and lives in Kirkcaldy where he plays guitar in a local band and has a passionate interest in Anarchist philosophy.

Chair: Alan Findlay

Formerly a Stockbroker, Alan Findlay now owns and runs a successful Property Investment Business and writes regularly on Real Estate, and Economic Trends. His most recent book, ‘Recession Proof Real Estate’ is a ‘how to guide’ for Investors looking to make money in any economic weather.

Treasurer: Liam Harkness

Liam is from Dumfries but moved to Edinburgh originally to study law at the University of Edinburgh. He now works as an accountant in the city and likes playing music, jogging, walking and going to the football.

Nomination Officer: Tam Laird




If you wish to become one of the key members in the Scottish Libertarian Party then please join and send a request with any appropriate information such as experience.