Happy New Year 2024

Another planetary sojourn around the sun has ended and another commences. Plus ca change, plus ca le meme chose as the French say. But who cares?

Being libertarian has always been hard and seems to get harder as we go. Everyone loves freedom until it costs them their free stuff, then suddenly the teat and heel of the state appear more attractive to Mr and Mrs Normie.

The last year has seen members come and members go but the core membership remains steady and the party and leadership remain committed to promoting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness against the statist tide that threatens to engulf us. We laugh in its watery face, while having a healthy concern for what future disaster it’s capable of inflicting. We all remember the years of state enforced lockdown and are only too aware that they can return in a moment. The state continues it’s assault on liberty and free expression with it’s Online “Safety” Bill and it’s determination to go ahead with Central Bank Digital Currency. We need to fight harder than ever.

As always many thanks to all our members, activists and supporters who make the party and our mission possible. We hope you continue in your support and we need to hear from those of you who can offer your time, effort and skills to the party. In particular we need to hear from those of you who are prepared to stand in both local and national elections to help spread the message and further the cause.

In particular I would like to thank Liam Harkness our treasurer, Peter Sidor our membership secretary and party activist Jonathan Rainey for all of their hard and often unrewarding work last year.

We have reached over 5000 followers on our twitter (X) feed last year and it’s growing. This year in January our party HQ moves from Kilmarnock to our new prestigious Edinburgh address in George St. I will be out and about in 2024 so come along to one of our meet ups in Aberdeen, Dumbarton, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, and hopefully this year Dundee and Dumfries.

Javier Milei in Argentina has given us all hope that the Libertarianism can take hold and produce an astounding result and we hope that it will be a resounding success and a beacon of light. Even in Scotland our time may come.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and on behalf of all our leadership team I wish you all a Happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Yours For Liberty

Tam Laird

Party Leader





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