There’s An Elephant in The Room of The Trans Wars

There’s An Elephant in The Room of The Trans Wars

For the best part Libertarians have looked on with interest and amusement at the current war between TERFS( Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and their Trans opponents. Hurling the usual magic spell words at each other (bigot, fascist, Nazi, fill in the blank with the sobriquet de jour) and each claiming the moral high ground.

There is a fairly simple libertarian solution to the issues surrounding the debate which I will come to later, but in the meantime it strikes me that there’s an aspect of this whole …

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Candidate For Corstorphine/Murrayfield March 9th

Corstorphine/Murrayfield by election – Scottish Libertarian Party – Gary Smith

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SLP Recognises The Free Republic of Liberland

SLP Recognises The Free Republic of Liberland

Following a short discussion at our AGM in 2022 The Scottish Libertarian Party are pleased and proud to announce our recognition of The Free Republic of Liberland.

Liberland is one of the world’s newest micronations nestled on the Danube between Croatia and Serbia. The nation is founded on Libertarian free market principles and as such we welcome it and hope it gains the international recognition it deserves.

We wish President Vít Jedli?ka his cabinet and it’s citizens peace, prosperity and every success. Live and Let Live


Tweets by …

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

… to all our activists members and supporters.




The Scottish Libertarian Party have rectified our issue with the Electoral Commission and are now re-registered as a political party.

We will now re-commence taking donations and subscriptions.

In the hiatus we have not been idle and we will be putting up a candidate in the Corstorphine/Murrayfield By Election.


We thank you all for your patience and support during this period and pledge to continue our fight against authoritarianism and our defence of individual rights and liberty.

Together we can …

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Lion of Liberty 2022

Lion of Liberty 2022

Jonathan Rainey of Dumbarton was presented with our Lion of Liberty award for 2022 at our AGM.

Jonathan is a young enthusiastic and outspoken activist who has stood in several elections in the Dumbarton area both in the council wards and parliamentary constituency.

On all occasions he puts in an amazing and almost inhuman amount of effort and his leafletting work load is almost legendary. He narrowly missed out on the award last year. Great job and certainly well deserved on this occasion.

He is also a contributor …

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AGM New Deputy Leader Elected

AGM New Deputy Leader Elected

The Party AGM went ahead as scheduled last Saturday and was a great success.

Caz Paul has been duly elected as the new party Deputy Leader and we wish him every success in his new role.

Caz hails from Kirkcaldy Fife (birthplace of Adam Smith no less) and has been an activist in the party for many years and was a participant in the formulation of the party’s constitution.

He was also responsible for organising the party’s protest at the the Count Dankula (subsequently an SLP member) trial …

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Meet the Libertarians: Candidate Profiles

Meet the Libertarians: Candidate Profiles

It’s time to meet your SLP candidates for the 2022 Council Elections



1. Tell us about yourself, what’s your background?


My name is Jonathan Rainey, I’m 28 years old and I’m a volunteer litter picker & food bank helper from Dumbarton.


2. When and why did you become a Libertarian?


My awakening to become a libertarian gradually accelerated in 2014 when I voted Yes in the Independence Referendum, seeing the wars in the Middle East with western governmental interventionism become more intense in 2015 and then especially when I …

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Statement from the Constitutional Committee

The decision to end the membership of longstanding member and Libertarian Party office – holder Stephen McNamara was made by The Constitutional Committee on April 1st – but was no joke.

Controversy has arisen over this, in fact just the latest in a series of controversies, and – understandably – we have been asked to release details of the reason for his termination. The purpose of this statement is to give sufficient details of what transpired to show that our decision was reasonable and not taken …

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Membership notice

Please note that Stephen McNamara is no longer a member of the Scottish Libertarian Party and is not active for it in any role. We thank him for the work he has done for us in the past and wish him all the best in his future efforts.


Constitutional Committee of the Scottish Libertarian Party

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2022 Local Election Candidates Announced

2022 Local Election Candidates Announced

The SLP are pleased and proud to announce that all freedom loving individuals will be able to vote for the following candidates in these areas:


Oren Catz – Torry Ferryhill

Bryce Hope – Kincorth Nigg and Cove

Stuart Whitby – Strathbogie and Howe of Alford


Jonathan Rainey – Dumbarton


Tam Laird (Party Leader) – Inverleith

Gregor Masson – Fountainbridge Craiglockhart

Louis Rowlands – Pentland Hills

Peter Sidor – Morningside

Gary Smith – Drumbrae Gyle


Daniel Fraser – Midlothian South


George Morton – Rosyth


Cam Milne – North East

Nick Thomson – Anderston City Yorkhill


Harry Christian – East …

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