Happy New Year

Happy New Year

There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

So opined Oscar Wilde. Although if he was so smart, how did he end up in Reading Gaol? That said, In terms of the Scottish Libertarian Party, I’m inclined to agree with the droll polymath. Right now we are not being talked about. I hope we can change that in 2017, and for all the right reasons.

For those of you who don’t know, 4th May 2017 will be the Scottish Local Elections, and the leadership team are planning to stand up to twenty candidates across Scotland. This may seem like a modest figure and even then, we may only end up fielding half that. But that would still be five times more than we fielded in any previous election.

Why so few? It’s a fact that we are a small party both in terms of membership and activists, and it’s activists that matter when it comes to elections. It’s not just a matter of candidates, there is also the extremely important business of support and coordination. Fundraising, canvassing, leafleting, attending hustings and other media events are all an integral part of any election campaign. We must ensure that we don’t overstretch our resources and end up being talked about for all the wrong reasons.

In addition to the election in May, we have in this very month of January a candidate standing in the East Ayrshire council by election. Our Membership Secretary Stevie McNamara is valiantly contending for the seat of Kilmarnock East and Hurlford. He’s an enthusiastic and capable candidate and I wish him every success in this venture. I would also urge as many of you who are able, to give him all the support you might afford.

Let’s not forget The Scottish Liberty Podcast is going out every Thursday(usually) bringing enlightenment, profanity, and sound free market doctrine to our fellow Scots and the world. Our meet ups in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Ayrshire, and this year probably Dundee and Fife, are better attended than ever. Especially Glasgow, thanks to the team there. Finally our website is shaping up well thanks to Marius Manole and Peter Sidor.

There is much to celebrate and look forward to this year. When I first joined the party around five years ago, hardly anyone in Scotland was familiar with the term Libertarianism, let alone know of the existence of our party. Now we are growing and putting up candidates in Local, Regional and National elections. My thanks to all of you who made this a reality. We have made great steps forward with even greater to come. Jump aboard the good ship Liberty.

We can make a difference.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to all our members, activists and supporters.



Party Leader


Tom Laird is Leader of the Scottish Libertarian Party and co-host of  The Scottish Liberty Podcast with Antony Sammerrroff. He lives In Edinburgh.


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4 Comments on "Happy New Year"

  • Wendy Kadonoff says

    To Tom (Tam) and fellow Scottish Libertarian folks,

    Happy New Year to you all! You are so fortunate to have such amazing people in your political organization and thank you for staying connected. I wish you all the success moving forward. I have faith that we will all get there and have liberty reign again All the best as you continue to grow in your efforts and I wish you all the best in the Spring in your local elections. I will bethinking of you all. To life, liberty, property and prosperity. May we all be happy in the overcome.

    Abound in liberty,

    Wendy Kadonoff

    Regional Director (Toronto) – Ontario, Canada – Libertarian Party of Canada – elected 2016
    member since 2014

    Ethics Committee Member – Ontario Libertarian Party – elected 2016
    member since 2013

    Vice President of Milton Federal Libertarian Association
    Electoral District Association

    Boundless Liberty – founder/blogger

    • Tom Laird says

      Thank you for your kind message Wendy.

      The best of fortune to you to in 2017.

  • Maurice King says

    Hi I’m looking for a new independence party to vote for . The SNP have disillusioned me & the other independence party’s are not what I want . Could I have a copy of your mandate or some Idea to what your standing for besides independence. Thank you
    Yours Maurice M King

    • Tom Laird says

      Our party manifesto and constitution are available on this website.


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