Candidates Announced

Candidates Announced

Here is a full list of all candidates standing for the Scottish Libertarian Party in the forthcoming local elections on May 4th, which is the largest number that we have ever had standing. Just ordinary people who are willing to stand up for your rights against big government who want to take away your freedoms.


Robbie Bowman – Ward 9 – Lower Deeside


Derek Scott – Ward 13 – Westhill


Daniel Fraser – Ward 1 – Almond
Tom Laird – Ward 5 – Inverleith
Calum Strange – Ward7 – Sighthill/Georgie
Peter Sidor – Ward 11 – City Centre


Chris Collings – Ward 1 – Stranraer and North Rhins
Peter McKain – Ward 4 – Annandale South


Amrik Singh – Ward 1 – Annick
Lisa Murray – Ward 2 – Kilmarnock North
Stef Johnstone – Ward 3 – Kilmarnock West and Crosshouse
Stephen McNamara (tel: 03332221141, FB) – Ward 4 – Kilmarnock East and Hurlford
Caitlin O’Brien – Ward 5 – Kilmarnock South
Stevie Brannagan – Ward 6 – Irvine Valley
Sheraz Shafiq – Ward 7 – Ballochmyle
Gordon Bircham – Ward 8 – Cumnock and New Cumnock
Mark Mitchell – Ward 9 – Doon Valley


Alan Findlay – Ward 3 – Giffnock and Thornliebank


Calum (Caz) Paul – Ward 11 – Kirkcaldy Central


Antony Sammeroff – Ward 11 – Hillhead
Scott McKelvie – Ward 20 – Baillieston


Harry Christian – Ward 4 – East Sutherland and Edderton



This is a great opportunity to increase awareness of the party and our membership.

Make sure you are registered to vote and get behind your local candidate. Remember this is the first time 16 year old’s will be eligible to vote. Make it count. This government agrees that you are mature enough to make decisions regarding the destiny of a nation, and yet makes it an offense to serve you alchohol at your own wedding.

If you don’t have a candidate in your electoral ward, do your best to help in campaigning for your nearest candidate. There is work to be done. Leafleting, attending hustings and lending support. If you have are a driver and have a car, maybe you can make yourself available to other activists who need transport.

Let’s make the optimum use of this historic moment.

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  • Tommy Cook says

    You have a candidate standing in my Ward at the up coming council election, Daniel Fraser, (Almond Ward, City of Edinburgh). Can you send me his email address as I would like to ask his views on a local issue.


  • Barbara says

    It would be helpful to include contact information (not necessarily email address, but links to facebook or twitter if they are on there for example would be good) for your candidates so that people can easily get in touch with them to ask questions and get to know them a bit before deciding whether to vote for them.


    • Admin says

      Good point, Barbara, thank you! We’ve linked the contact details of a few candidates who agreed to that and more are expected to be added.

  • Rupert Lezemore says

    I wanted to extend the invitation below but Tom’s email was bounced back, please can you respond by email.
    Thank you.

    Craigleith Blackhall Community Council have arranged a public Hustings meeting which will take place at Blackhall St Columba’s church on April 20th 2017.
    This will be held in the Large Hall and commence at 7.00 pm.

    All candidates for Inverleith ward in the forthcoming Local Government elections are invited to take part. We hope that you will attend, please can you confirm if you will be able to.

    With best wishes,

  • Just voted in Edinburgh City Centre ward.

    1 libertarian
    2 conservative
    3 SNP
    4 libdem
    5 green
    6 labour

    • Admin says

      Awesome! Thank you for the support!

    • Admin says

      Thank you so much David. It’s only a small step. But significant.

      Tom Laird


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