Brexit Statement.

When she took office, Theresa May claimed that “To deliver Brexit, you must believe in Brexit.” She doesn’t, so she hasn’t. Her belief that Brexit is fundamentally bad for Britain has shaped her approach to the issue. She believes that the best Brexit is the weakest Brexit, irrespective of what we voted for. Sadly, the EU has taken advantage of this to demand a punitive financial payment of £39 billion and straightjacketed our economy by demanding compliance with its rules and regulations. This leaves us as a rule taker but not a rule maker; worse still; the myriad of bizarre rules and regulations that the EU pronounce act like tariffs, making our economy less efficient and less able to compete in the global economy.

Finally, and perhaps most appallingly, the extension of the transition period to the end of 2020, followed by an interminable backstop, effectively postpones independence indefinitely. Even at the earliest date envisaged, we will have been negotiating for longer than the entire First World War! Should we need the “backstop”, it could end up taking longer to leave than it took to build the Channel Tunnel – in effect, we’d be quicker tunnelling out of the EU than leaving it to the politicians!

The Scottish Libertarian Party believes that Brexit is a golden opportunity for the UK to disentangle itself from the morass of rules and regulations created by Brussels and to forge a future as an outward looking nation – not looking at the gloom and doom of the struggling Eurozone, but to the horizons beyond which the whole world awaits.

Our policy on Brexit is therefore the following:

1.  We believe that the economic prosperity of the United Kingdom is best advanced by the adoption of unilateral free trade. This means no tariffs, duties or quotas are to be applied to any goods or services coming into, or out of, the UK, regardless of origin or destination. Any deal that the EU offers the UK will undoubtedly come with strings attached and likely preclude free trade with other nations. We therefore believe that no deal in fact represents the best deal for the UK.

2.  Any deal involving regulatory alignment must also be rejected. Instead, we should seek mutual recognition of standards for goods and services. What is acceptable in France or Germany ought to be acceptable for us, and vice-versa. The principle of mutual recognition underpins our existing relations with the EU and there is no sensible reason that this should not continue.

3.  We must refuse to pay a penny in compensation to the EU. The EU is a gravy train with not one, but two Parliamentary estates and over 10,000 bureaucrats on salaries of £100k or more. For all but one year of our membership, we have paid in more than we received and currently we are the second-largest budget contributor after Germany. We’ve paid our share and more over the years to that abominable illiberal and unaccountable organisation – maybe it’s time for them to feel the pinch instead of British taxpayers.

Theresa May has not shown herself to be robust negotiator or a responsible representative of the people who voted for Brexit or misplaced their trust in her. Her performance could be likened to Neville Chamberlain at Munich – but for the fact that even he didn’t agree to pay Germany £39bn!

The Scottish Libertarian Party believes that we can, and should, do better; and that we should not be afraid of the opportunities that Brexit affords us.



No deal” is the best deal.


2 responses to “Statement on Brexit”

  1. Bill Montgomery Avatar
    Bill Montgomery

    Lacking a Brexit candidate in Kilmarnock and Loudon, I intend to vote for your candidate – but, of course, it’ll be in vain.
    I must confess to never having heard of The Scottish Libertarian Party, and would hastily add that never have I joined a political party and I never shall, but I fully support your ambition that the U.K. be truly independent and am well aware that BJ’s “deal” and now manifesto declaration will not bring that about.
    If you wish to acknowledge this, do so by all means, but please do not try to cajole me into joining. I won’t!
    Best wishes,
    Bill Montgomery.

    1. Hello Bill,

      of course we have to try to cajole more people to join 🙂 but we very much value people who support us and vote for us even if they don’t feel like getting into politics or joining a party.

      Thank you!

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