Let Battle Commence

Let Battle Commence

Finally a great and Historic moment has arived for the Scottish Libertarian Party.

We are proud to announce our candidates for the Scottish Parliamentary Elections on May 5th 2016.

The candidates and regions/constituency are as follows:

Alan Findlay (Leader) – West Scotland


Tom Laird (Dep) – Edinburgh Central (Constituency)


Calum Paul – Mid Scotland and Fife



Derek Scott – North East of Scotland


Get out there and support your candidate. Whether by voting for them if you  fall within the region. Or by offering to help out with campaigning, leafleting, or any other service you feel could be a benefit.

The war chest has obviously taken a hit so contributions to funds are always welcome.


A lot of time, effort and personal sacrifice has gone into this. Much more will yet be given.

Please don’t let’s squander this opportunity to make ourselves heard.

Free Speech, Free Markets and True Independent and Free People



Tom Laird

Deputy Leader


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4 Comments on "Let Battle Commence"

  • Belinda Carr says

    I have posted my vote for Alan Findlay.

    • Admin says

      Well done. And thank you.

  • Aidan Brocklebank says

    Do you think you could get a candidate in Glasgow?

    • Admin says

      We have a very active group in Glasgow so we’ll probably field several. Come to one of our meetings and find out more!


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