A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been an annus horribilis for anyone who cares about Liberty.

It may even well have been for those who do not care about liberty, but they lack the ability or willingness to recognise it. It’s a depressing realisation when it dawns on you that most of your fellow Scots, despite their vocal assertions, don’t much care for freedom.

What they do want, is to be taken care of as one would take care of a child or even a pet. To be housed, fed, exercised, educated, medicated, transported and most importantly to have their shit cleaned up after them by someone else, all at someone else’s expense.

One has to ask how much of the yellow stuff the SNP, and the Tories have to take before people have enough. The tyrannical and largely unnecessary lockdown restrictions, Humza Yousless’s Hate Crimes Bill, the imprisoning, sacking and witch hunting of dissenters are all part and parcel of life in modern Britain and in particular Scotland the “Brave”.

George Kerevan had the chutzpah to suggest in The National recently that “After 300 years of servility, Scots have decided to get up off their knees.” Well perhaps I was too busy protesting the erosion of our individual rights and liberties, while trying to avoid being arrested, to notice this monumental event.

On the contrary. Scots are crawling on their bellies under the iron heel of the Sturgeonistas.

What does the “opposition” do or say to curtail the actions of one of the most centralised and authoritarian regimes in western Europe? In a word, nothing. The CONservative party seem to be on board with most of it. They may criticise the quality of the paper and the font, but other than that they sing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to Humza’s Bill.

What they do take every opportunity to do is talk up the union and decry independence. While I agree the SNP’s obsession with yet another referendum is something to be challenged I am damn sure there are far more important issues to pursue. But spare a thought for the poor Scottish Tories this Christmas. Take the Union away from them and what do they have? They are bereft of ideas, policies or even principles. Other than that time honoured political principal of trying to keep your lucrative job.

There is, however, SOME good news. (Thank the Lord Christ for that Tam we were reaching for the noose.)

The Scottish Libertarian Party have made some serious progress. Our membership is now approaching the 200 mark, support has risen. We have a sitting councilor in Aberdeen. Our very own Antony Sammeroff flew the flag for the party on Russia Today. Andrew Coventry through his sterling efforts has taken our twitter feed from zero to around 2000 in the space of a year. But most importantly of all the foundations of the party are strong and we are well placed to fulfil our ambitions in the 2021 Scottish elections…should they go ahead.

It’s more vital than ever that we keep up the good fight. The battle is righteous and we know it. We are a party of principle. That principle is that the individual is more important than the state. Let’s keep sight of that in the New Year. Despite the worst efforts of Sturgeon & Johnson. The unfunniest comedy duo since Mike & Bernie Winters.

My sincere thanks to you all for your hard work and support in the face of adversity. May next year be a good one.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Tam Laird

Party Leader

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