The Case of The Nazi Pug : A Joke That’s No Laughing Matter

The Case of The Nazi Pug : A Joke That’s No Laughing Matter

March 2018 deserves to be recorded for posterity as a milestone. Or indeed a tombstone. A time When the Scottish Judiciary drove what may be the final nail into the coffin of freedom of speech and expression in this country.

It has been manifestly obvious to anyone that Police Scotland are a political animal and creature of the Scottish Notional Party. It would now also seem that the judiciary are firmly in their pocket.

At Airdrie Sheriff court after a trial lasting longer than Nurnberg, Markus Meechan (Aka Count Dankula) was finally convicted of the crime of hate speech and breaching the electronic communications act. For what amounts to an online joke.

I won’t go over the details, most of you will be familiar with the case. But anyone who knows Meechan knows that he’s NOT a Nazi. In fact his political history was diametrically the opposite. But even if he was, I would still defend his right to say unsavoury things. Even when most supposedly ” right thinking” people would find them deeply offensive. If you do not defend the right to free speech of those who’s views you find repugnant ( I’m on record defending Anjem Choudary, a man I despise) then you don’t believe in free speech at all.

Accordingly. The Scottish Libertarian Party condemn the arrest, trial and conviction of Markus Meechan by a kangaroo court and defend his inalienable right to free speech and free expression.

A protest will be held on 23rd April. Please lend your voice and support while you still can in our increasingly illiberal country.

Tam Laird

Party Leader

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