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Please note that Stephen McNamara is no longer a member of the Scottish Libertarian Party and is not active for it in any role. We thank him for the work he has done for us in the past and wish him all the best in his future efforts.


Constitutional Committee of the Scottish Libertarian Party


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  1. Bryce Hawkins Avatar
    Bryce Hawkins


    1. That is a fair question.

      The very short answer is that the Constitutional Committee has come to the conclusion that the member in question is acting against the best interests of the party.

      The long answer (and it would be a very long answer indeed…) would involve a great many personal details; and the whole story isn’t over yet. So unfortunately the entirety of the story won’t be told just yet – but the when is under intense discussion.

      Suffice to say that some of the details are very much public and provide some of the reasons for the decision taken. More to come.

      1. Adam Aitchison Avatar
        Adam Aitchison

        Given that this reply was made on the 4th of April, have there been any more revelations as to why Stephen has been removed from the party?

        I would assume that time from this last reply to now would be sufficient to come up with a definitive answer as to the exact reason(s) for him being removed.

        Also with the statement mentioning that the reason(s) would be lengthy, 2 weeks is more than enough time to compose a suitable statement from the part.

        1. According to the rules there doesn’t have to be a specific reason for a member to be removed, all that is required is a vote from The constitutional committee. I think it would be unwise for us to say a specific cause for two reasons. The first is that as soon as you give a specific reason enemies start to endlessly nitpick and try to pick it apart. Secondly, there isn’t really one reason so to say it was one thing would be dishonest. It was a bunch of stuff that all bled into each other. There were so many things any one of them would have been justification enough, culminating in him running against tam in the up and coming election. That was just the last straw on the already broken back of the wailing camel. More details will probably still be forthcoming. I’m speaking for me btw, not the constitutional committee.

        2. Just as an FYI – a more detailed explanation was provided here:

      2. Another reason for his removal might be that he stole a Scottish radio station’s facebook page and claimed it as his own to boost his political agenda.

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