Aberdeen Councillor Flying the Flag of Liberty

It is with great pleasure I am proud to announce another landmark event in the history of the Scottish Libertarian Party. Our first sitting councillor.

Sandy Wallace (a stout surname I think we can agree) , represents  Ward 18 Stonehaven and Lower Deeside and serves on the Aberdeen Community Planning Board, The Regulation of Private Renting Sub – Committee and the Sustainability Committee (that’s enough committees, Ed.) to name but a few. Sandy has joined us from the Scottish Conservatives of which he has been a member for many years.

I’m sure you will all participate in welcoming Sandy to the fight and I am confident he will be an asset and a boost to the party now and in the future. His council profile is available here..




Tam Laird

Party Leader


5 responses to “Aberdeen Councillor Flying the Flag of Liberty”

  1. I said….”I’m sure you will all participate in welcoming Sandy”…..

    Don’t all rush at once. Any time you like.

    1. Fear not, there’s congratulations on the Facebook post:

      1. Is that the “Official” Fb page?

        1. That’s the one!

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