What Do I Care What Corbyn Might Be? I Know What he IS

What Do I Care What Corbyn Might Be? I Know What he IS

Is Jeremy Corbyn an anti-semite? The debate rages but Keir Starmer appears to have had enough evidence and he has suspended him from the Labour Party over his refusal to recant.

It looks like he may even be expelled. Farewell then Jeremy, I won’t miss you. There’s another debate to be had here about free speech, and Jezza being entitled to express an opinion no matter how “offensive” that opinion may be deemed to be in certain quarters. But that’s not my argument here.

Whether or not Jeremy Corbyn may or may not be a good old fashioned jew hater guising (it is Halloween after all) in the cloak of an anti Zionist, a popular trick amongst left and right wingers alike, is supremely irrelevant to me. That’s not to say I don’t care about anti semitism. I do. Like racism it is a particularly ugly and illogical form of collectivism, and I despise ALL forms of collectivism.

Jews in the UK are right to be concerned about what they see as unbridled anti-semitism tolerated within a mainstream political party with a real possibility of gaining power. A 2018 report by the Simon Wiesenthal Center stated that Corbyn had allowed the “world’s oldest hatred into the mainstream of society.” It also criticised his embracing of middle eastern terror groups committed to the destruction of Israel.

So why then do I say I don’t care? The fact of the matter is I don’t need to know what Corbyn may or may not be. I am already fully aware of what he is. He’s a unashamed socialist and therefore a thief and a looter. He’s perfectly open about being prepared to steal other peoples property. This is undisputed, in fact he has quite proudly proclaimed as much.




We already know from Robert Mugabe what a socialist’s idea of buying is. I make you an offer you better not refuse. Besides, where does he propose to get the money to purchase these properties? Again by looting. The only difference between someone who smashes your window, enters your home, and makes off with the family silver and Corbyn is that at least the former is prepared to take the risk himself. The latter legitimises his theft by calling it redistribution and hides behind suited bureaucrats and uniformed thugs who’ll do the dirty deed for him.

Guilty as charged.Take the prisoner away. What more witnesses do I need? It’s a bit like saying to me, “You know that guy who’s a murderer, did you know he might be a shoplifter as well?”

No. And I don’t care.





Tam Laird¬†¬†Is Leader of the SLP and thinks you shouldn’t take folk’s stuff.



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