Welcome to Our New Members

Welcome to Our New Members

Membership of our party has grown quickly over the past few weeks and we extend our welcome to all who have joined.

While this is great news for us as a party, it is also a reflection on the fact that individual liberty, freedom of conscience, speech and expression have never been under greater threat in our country’s modern history.

There never has been a more crucial time to join us in our fight. Activists are the lifeblood of any movement and we encourage new members to get involved. Whether it be standing in local or national elections, leafleting, helping with administration, fund-raising or organising local meet up groups we need active members now. Contact us if you feel you have the abilities required.

In the meantime we ask all new members to be patient. Your new membership cards and packs will be with you as soon as we are able to get them out.

Thanks to all and welcome aboard.


Yours for Liberty

Tam Laird

Party Leader

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