Update from treasurer: On the question of registration

On the question of registration with the electoral commission with the name of a new party “Scottish Libertarians”, as it is too similar to the “Libertarian Party” the official response from the EC as follows.

“extremely unlikely that we would register ‘Scottish Libertarians’ and/or ‘Scottish Libertarian Party’ on the basis that it would be ‘likely’ to confuse the elector under part 4 (a) (ii) of PPERA”

The only way we can register the “Scottish libertarian” name is by the “Libertarian party” voluntarily changing its registration status to not stand in seats in Scotland. For us to be successful in the long term, it is important to have the rights to the “Scottish libertarian” name north of the border thus we are having discussions with the “Libertarian party”.

Due to the major changes or sacrifice the Libertarian party is taking, these discussions could take few months and it is unknown what/if strings may be attached to any agreement. So far discussions are going well, and see no reason why we won’t come to any agreement. If the unlikely chance we don’t come to an agreement then we will start a new party under a different name. (Ideas welcomed)

John Watson (Treasurer)

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