Scottish Council Elections 2017

Scottish Council Elections 2017

A Call to Arms.


Our campaign to inject Libertarian principles into the Scottish body politic continues with our plan to field candidates for May 4th.

You may be aware that our membership secretary, Stephen McNamara, recently stood in the Kilmarnock East and Hurlford by election, achieving a new council election record  of 53 first votes and 305 seconds. These numbers are not as important as the fact that almost 3000 people were presented with a ballot paper featuring our party name and logo.

Awareness is growing.

In view of this, we are making appeals for members to take up the challenge of taking our message to the electorate in May. This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden our movement’s support base and to gain experience, knowledge and confidence on an individual level.

Candidates should fulfill the basic requirements as laid out on the Electoral Commission’s website for  Council Election Candidates.

In addition, candidates should ideally be members of the party with a good knowledge of, and adherence to, Libertarian principles and party policy as per our constitution and manifesto. Also have a commitment to investing as much time and effort necessary to fulfill the obligations required of a candidate. For example : Taking part in Hustings, leafleting, campaigning and making oneself available for interview by local local press and media outlets, prior to the polling date. Attendance at the count would also be desirable.

Most of the mainstream parties have announced their players and are already campaigning. With this in mind I would prefer our candidates to be registered as soon as possible, but by the 1st of March at the latest.

Any interested parties should make themselves known to myself, Party Deputy Derek Scott or Nominations officer Stevie McNamara at the earliest convenience.

We have a perfect opportunity to increase interest and support for the movement and party, Let’s not squander it.

Tom Laird



[email protected]



Tom Laird is Leader of The Scottish Libertarian Party and co-host of the Scottish Liberty Podcast with Antony Sammeroff

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