Free To Disagree : The SLP Support Dr. Waiton’s Campaign

Free To Disagree : The SLP Support Dr. Waiton’s Campaign


“I’m not aware of any liberal democracy that has got a bill that is as unbelievably authoritarian as this one.”  Dr. Stuart Waiton

Many of you may know the SNP and in particular the “Justice” Minister Humza Yousaf are determined to introduce their latest assault on individual liberty, The Hate Crime Bill.

See the previous article on this website for more details here:

Dr. Stuart Waiton of Abertay University, a fellow traveler in the march against authoritarianism who did sterling work opposing the equally insidious Named Person legislation, has launched a campaign to fight the bill.

Details can be found here:

Join the Free to Disagree campaign

Introducing the Free to Disagree campaign.

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The Scottish Libertarian Party fully support Dr. Waiton and any others in this fight. The SLP offer our support and assistance to this campaign and urge all who care about freedom in our increasingly Illiberal country to get involved.

Tam Laird

Party Leader


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  • Kieran Leggatt says

    Thank very much for the heads-up. I’ll look into ways to contribute.

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