Big Win for Alberta

Bamboozled bureaucrats in Canada SCRAMBLE after being challenged by local man over $1200 fine!

Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Alberta, Canada has lifted the majority of Covid-related restrictions after being taken on by a brave freedom fighter!

In an interview with the Stew Peters Show, Patrick King told his story which took him from being slapped with a $1200 fine for breaking Covid regulations to being the man who saved Alberta from tyranny – or at least a chunk of it! After being targeted by the ‘Covid Authorities’ for his prominence in the area, Mr King didn’t waste a single chance:

“So I got my time in court on May 12th with [a list] of information that I needed to request to put up a good, plausible defence…my material, that I requested was the isolation of the SARS-COV-2 virus.”

Mr King describes his time navigating the legal system, representing himself. He managed to convince a judge to subpoena Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer as a witness and requested that she present evidence that Covid-19 was in fact the threat to civilisation that it is. Mr King goes on: “What my defence was to be was, I needed proof that you have isolated the SARS-COV-2 virus and therefore the science would give you the backing for your public health act.”

King says he has “created a blueprint” for other people to challenge this tyranny in their own territory.

“Now we know exactly what you [Government] are doing to us. It’s on record, we have the proof…I am gonna start teaching people what to do.”

Deena Hinshaw, the public health official who King requested testify, has since been playing a delicate game of spin. While defending ‘the decision’ of lifting restrictions, there is no mention of King’s court case. They have managed to maintain restrictions in certain areas, such as hospitals, with Canada’s highly centralised health system but the population at large in Alberta are the closest to freedom! 

It is reported that Federal Health Minister for Canada has written to Alberta expressing her concerns at their new approach – perhaps she hasn’t heard the news?

Watch the full video here.


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