Announcing a new Nominating Officer

The Constitutional Committee has named our party leader Tam Laird as the new Nominating Officer.

We’re hoping that we will get as many candidates as possible in the upcoming Scottish Council Elections and this is our last appeal for anyone interested – now is the time to step up! Please wish good luck to the Nominating Officer and the candidates and join us in the campaign.


Kind regards,
Constitutional Committee of the Scottish Libertarian Party

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  • Hello dear lovers of liberty!
    The White Rose Glasgow Telegram group (that was briefly infamous, pre-slapgate, in the fake news) have asked for our candidates in reply to a post of mine asking which was the most effective strategy to counter the WEF/NWO at local level: voting for a Freedom Alliance/ Scottish Libertarian candidate, not voting or spoiling your ballot. I’ve posted our 12 candidates by a photo of a wee table on a Word doc and you can either post yours or email/ DM them to me on Twitter @gumptionology.
    Anyway good luck to all of you standing. There’s no rivalry and I’m looking forward to our members helping your candidates in their wards. Perhaps we could even do a joint stall in Glasgow.
    Cheers, Alan

    • Admin says

      Hello Alan,

      thank you for the support! We’ll come back to you and the group – good luck to your candidates!


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