A Message from the Party Leader

A Message from the Party Leader

Scottish Libertarian Party LeaderAnd here…we…GO!

The first hurdle is now behind us and the future awaits us. After a long period of building the fundamentals of our organization, the official positions for the National Executive Committee have been filled as follows:

  • LEADER: Daniel Logan-Scott (myself)
  • CHAIRMAN: Barry Lyndon
  • TREASURER: John Watson

On these foundations we intend to grow our movement into a fully fledged party. I know a lot of folk are eager to move right in, but there is some trench digging and cement pouring to be done first.

The key issue facing the leadership of any party that is not in the top tier is maintaining enthusiasm among its members. This is a long haul ahead of us and we need to keep the faith if we want to maintain escape velocity to get into the upper strata. To this end we will be focusing on building and maintaining our membership base and keeping morale high through meet-ups, activities, and promotions.

Over the next few weeks we will be finishing-up the start-up requirements. This includes registering with the election commission, opening a bank account, finalising the party constitution and manifesto, and the party image with the party logo and colours, and of course signing-up members.

After that we need to start establishing bases. We need leaders in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen as well as people willing to start university clubs in all the major universities. We are focusing on these three cities, but if there is anyone in Inverness who is interested, then please contact us.

Once we have these leaders we need to start training them. I know this is presumptuous. I would like to think that anyone ready to take on a leadership position is already well-versed in libertarianism, however it is important that we know our material and can effectively promote the libertarian political cause.

Remember that we are offering the public a political philosophy that was once the mainstay in all of Britain, but has been virtually unknown in Scotland, the nation of its birth, for a hundred years. Before we can educate the public we need to make sure that we have properly educated ourselves.

Education is all fine and good and necessary, but our members want to feel that we are doing something. It has been decided that we need start a campaign on an issue, so we chose to go with something small. We’re going after the BBC. I know, I know. It is silly to go after such a giant and one that controls how we as a new party appear in the media. However, there is popular support in abolishing the TV license and it is a bandwagon we should jump onto. Articles will be forthcoming on the website once everything is in place.

So that is where the party is at the moment. Please continue to watch this space as we get this new political party off the ground.

With Regards,



Daniel Logan-Scott
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Is a writer from Los Angeles, California and has been living in Glasgow, Scotland for the past fifteen years. His written works focus on the Cultural Philosophy and History of the Romantic Era (1776-1929).

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  • Good to see this moving ahead. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

  • Michael says

    Patri here is working off a prlcnipie of forcing competition in government.The criticism against BJ is that despite the reality of government as a National Security State, they simply dismiss any actual potential challenge to this Status Quo. In my book, this makes them conservative, right-wing and authoritarian. BJ is not actually an advocate of voice either, since they dismiss any voice other than their own as illegitimate. As John Cole has stated, libertarianism, as voice, can only be aligned with the GOP.

  • Mohamed says

    what we’ve got I meant the mess we’ve got in Washington DC + the will of the people. For exlapme, I believe the Federal Reserve system is enemy #1 when it comes to getting the US on the right track, but abolishing it would require some wrangling in DC, and if the will of the people doesn’t demand its demise, then even if one were capable of abolishing it, it would just be a short matter of time before we had Federal Reserve II.My point is that we’ve got the current situation, and we have our ideals. We may reach our ideals some day, but what can be done today? What can be done in the next two years, four, eight, etc.? If we try to reach all our ideals in one day, it won’t happen, therefore it’s necessary to prioritize and then come up with plans based on what is most important, and what is feasible, while never losing focus on the ultimate goal.I think a good exlapme of the Founders acting based what was realistically possible is the issue of slavery. Although many of them wanted to abolish it entirely, they realized that if they pushed for that goal then the Constitution and creation of the United States would fail. But they knew that if they established the United States, that slavery would ultimately be abolished (although they probably didn’t anticipate that over a million lives would be wiped out in the process).

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