A Clarion Call

A Clarion Call

As many of you know Elections for the Scottish Parliament are to take place on 5th May 2016. Many of you out there may not know that the Scottish Libertarian Party intend to put up candidates for this election. The number of candidates, who they will be and in which constituency they will stand has not yet been finalised. (Watch this space.) Some of these factors, if not most, will come down to funding. (More of which ..later.)

The Scottish Libertarian movement is a broad church as we all know. We don’t all agree on every point. There are Minarchists, Anarchists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Anarcho- Socialists, Constituitionalists and of course that bloke who turns up to the meetings that nobody quite knows what he is. Including himself. I’m sure there’s a Partridge in there somewhere. Albeit one with much to say about pear tree property rights.

Many of you will wonder what the point of taking part in elections are exactly. More of you may be completely against it. But I think we would all agree that the current, almost one party, state of affairs is not ideal in any of our world views. Recent polls (yes I’m aware they can be monumentally wrong) suggest that the SNP will probably increase the strength of their stranglehold on Scottish Politics. I don’t believe any of us could agree this is a good thing. This is a party that introduced some of the most insidious pieces of illiberal legislation into the system. They intend to do worse. It seems they will not be satisfied until they turn Scotland into a socialist feminist hellscape resembling Sweden at best and something from the old eastern bloc at worst. No use turning to the existing line up of “opposition” parties as you seem to have the Hobson’s choice of Big Government Socialists or Big Government Conservatives.

So then what’s to be done?

Most Scottish people don’t even know what a Libertarian is let alone know that there is an entire movement and even registered party with those particular views. The point of fielding candidates in this election, in my view at least, is not to try to get into the Crap game. Rather it’s didactic and also a way to gain maximum amount of exposure for the movement, the party and its principles. Handled properly, standing as a candidate can be the best £500 worth of publicity you could buy.

If you disagree, that’s your choice and your right and we wish you god speed. If you agree then there are several ways in which you can help:

  1. Stand as a Candidate. If you feel  you can promote Libertarian values and principles in a competent and articulate way. We want to hear from you. Especially if you are prepared to self fund.
  2. Fund Raise/ Contribute. I know it’s tedious, but everything from transportation to literature and campaign posters to standing in the election itself costs MONEY. No amount is too small, but may I suggest that anyone interested in Libertarian values out there contributes a Tenner. With the amount of lurkers we have, that could be a tidy sum.
  3. Join the Party. This isn’t for everyone but give it some serious thought. Especially if you feel you could fulfil one of the office bearer roles within the party.
  4. Become a supporter. Whether financially or in terms of just helping out. Do you drive and can provide transportation? Could you spare some time to campaign/ leaflet? Do you run a pub/restaurant / cafe that could provide a venue for our candidates/ supporters. Do you have connections in the media that would give us a platform? Or know someone sympathetic who does? Give it some thought.

There are a lot of people out there with a lot to say online. They have an opinion and idea on everything and everyone and can get very vocal and earnest about it. But when it comes to actually doing something positive and tangible, it seems it’s better to carp and navel gaze.

Sorry guys. But there.. I said it.

I know there’s enough of you out there to make a dent. F**k it! A huge bash if we put our Heart and soul into it.

Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People.


Let’s make it happen!


Tom Laird

Deputy Leader



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