The Results Are In!

The Results Are In!

It was quite a battle to get here! And the results are more than impressive – this is the first time in history every voter in Scotland was able to vote for a libertarian party. Without any support from the media or tons of money, we have brought our message to the people willing to listen. It’s quite hard to bring new ideas to the public but we have made a good start on this journey.

We have run candidates in nine constituencies, also a record for us. Here are their results, with Stephen Jamieson getting the highest number of votes in Aberdeen South (286) and Caz Paul getting the highest 0.8% of the votes in Kirkcaldy. In total, we have received 1913 votes in the constituencies:

Constituency Candidate Votes % of the vote
Aberdeen South and North Kincardine Stephen Jamieson 286 0.7
Caithness, Sutherland and Ross Harry Christian 222 0.6
Dumbarton Jonathan Rainey 134 0.3
Edinburgh Central Tam Laird 137 0.3
Edinburgh Western Daniel Fraser 201 0.4
Glasgow Pollok Alan Findlay 157 0.5
Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley Stef Johnstone 253 0.6
Kirkcaldy Caz Paul 269 0.8
Motherwell and Wishaw Mark Meechan 254 0.7


In the regions, we have received around 0.2% of the vote, with the highest 818 votes in Mid Scotland and Fife, for a total of 4987 votes:

Central Scotland 626 0.2
Glasgow 680 0.2
Highlands and Islands 488 0.2
Lothian 689 0.2
Mid Scotland and Fife 818 0.2
North East Scotland 653 0.2
South Scotland 534 0.1
West Scotland 499 0.1


While the unusually busy field full of all sorts of brand new parties has impacted us, we have made our mark and found our voters. That’s a foundation we can build on in the years to come.


A big thank you belongs to everyone who helped us and voted for us! Our small party is growing thanks to all of you – and our ideas are getting out there.


Kind regards,

Scottish Libertarian Party

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3 Comments on "The Results Are In!"

  • Dougal Fraser says

    from small be beginnings great things can emerge congratulations.

  • Alan Cunningham says

    I think more campaigning needs to be done using legacy media.

    • Admin says

      We are open to suggestions on how to achieve that.

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