The libertarian event of the year?

There is a new libertarian organization in town! Scottish Libertarians Students: an organization aiming to promote the ideas of liberty and free market economics to students in Scotland and to provide “a network with which like minded young people all across Scotland can connect with each other and get involved in the newly growing and thriving Scottish libertarian scene.”

Scottish Libertarian Students are having a public launch at the ArtHouse Hotel 129 Bath Street, G2 2SZ Glasgow on Saturday the 17th of June. The event will include speakers such as Tam Laird the Leader of the Scottish Libertarian Party and economist Antony Sammerhoff of the Scottish Liberty Podcast. There will also be plenty of open discussion where anyone can participate which will provide an opportunity to meet new libertarians. With an attendance fee of only £5 this is an event you simply cannot miss.


Come join us!


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