Murder in Holyrood

Murder in Holyrood

A vicious and brutal assault was carried out in the Scottish Parliament yesterday resulting in a tragic and senseless death.

The victim “Free Speech” lay lifeless on the floor of the parliament as the 82 perpetrators, all MSPs, gloated and congratulated each other. Only 32 MSPs protested and tried to help the victim while 4 shamefully turned there backs and chose not to intervene,

The names of the perpetrators are as yet unknown, but continue to watch this space as full names and constituencies will be posted as the information becomes available.

Speaking of the murder weapon (Hate Crimes Bill) SNP veteran, critic of the current regime and long time opponent of the ongoing conspiracy against Free Speech, Jim Sillars said..

“I believe that this is one of the most pernicious and dangerous pieces of legislation ever produced by any Government in modern times in any part of the United Kingdom.”

Although the full list of conspirators has yet to be disclosed, the ringleader has been named as one Humza Yousaf (35), aka “”Justice Minister”, of Glasgow Pollok. Known to be an enemy of Free Speech for some time.

The Scottish Libertarian party call upon the Scottish people to punish Yousaf and his co conspirators at their trial on May 6th by booting their worthless, self serving, self regarding backsides out of office.

The criminals are currently still at large and dangerous.

Freedom of speech was hundreds of years old and hard fought for by those who loved it.

It will be sadly missed.

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  • Benny says

    Hear hear!

  • Paula says

    I just voted for the Scottish Libertarians today 6th May 2021. I am so sick of what the SNP have become, totalitarian and fascist comes to mind. I like what you stand for so far and hope you do well in this election. I may consider membership once I learn more about you.

    • Admin says

      Thank you very much and we hope you can join us!

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