Monumental May 6th Candidate Announcement

Monumental May 6th Candidate Announcement

The Scottish Libertarian Party have once again reached another unprecedented  landmark. On May 6th 2021 for the first time in Scottish history every member of the electorate will have the opportunity to vote for a Libertarian candidate, whether in a constituency, region or both. 

Party leadership together with our activists and candidates have worked hard to make this happen and I extend my congratulations and thanks to all. In of itself this is monumental, but we have an opportunity to do more.

With your help we can make an impact. Please make sure you are registered to vote. Share the news online and by word of mouth and encourage people to search out our website and manifesto. Find out who your candidate is and offer support by way of donation, delivering leaflets and finally by casting your vote.

We all know that government is a cancer. But it will not go away by simply ignoring it. If our people are not there throwing a spanner in the works then it will continue to tax you and make illiberal legislation that it will force you to comply with.

The SLP are proud to announce our candidates in the following constituencies and regions…


Aberdeen South and North Kincardine:

Stephen Jamieson

Caithness Sutherland and Ross:

Harry Christian


Jonathan Rainey

Edinburgh Central:

Tam Laird

Edinburgh Western:

Daniel Fraser

Glasgow Pollok:

Alan Findlay


Caz Paul

Kilmarnock and Irvine Valley:

Stef Johnstone

Motherwell and Wishaw:

Mark Meechan




Alan Findlay

Cameron Milne

Central Scotland:

Mark Meechan

Katrina Angus

Highlands and Islands:

Harry Christian

Calum Liptrot


Tam Laird

Cameron Paterson

Mid Scotland and Fife:

Caz Paul

George Morton

North East Scotland:

Bryce Hope

South of Scotland

Stef Johnstone

West of Scotland:

Jonathan Rainey


Please get out there and do your best to support your local candidates. Election campaign materials/leaflets will be available for activists to request.


Tam Laird

Party Leader

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10 Comments on "Monumental May 6th Candidate Announcement"

  • Stephen says

    History being made!

  • Euan McIlvean says

    You’ve got my vote!

  • David Farrer says

    I posted this on the Conservative Woman website this morning:

    I first voted for the Conservatives half a century ago. I voted for Boris in 2019 to “get Brexit done”.

    Never again. Never again. I’ll be voting for the Scottish Libertarian Party in May. Perhaps they won’t win this time but at least I’ll be able to sleep with a clear conscience.

    • Thanks David.

      Glad to have your support

  • Gregor Sutton says

    Promising development. Well done. Will do all I can to support.

  • John Kerr says

    Just watched your interview with David Scott Tam.The wife and I now know who to vote for
    on May the 6th. I haven’t heard of your party until tonight and you’ll certainly get our got.

  • Daniel says

    Happy to have voted for Bryce Hall in the North East, also as my first ever vote at the age of 16.

    • Admin says

      Thank you.

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