The Liberland Team Visits Edinburgh

The Liberland Team Visits Edinburgh

Last month Scottish Libertarians had the delight of hosting the Liberland President Vít Jedli?ka, Vice President Bogie Wozniak and Justice Minister Zorana Kozomara for drinks at one of our regular watering holes The Caley Picture House on Lothian Road. The team was in town for a UNPO meeting at the Scottish Parliament and were glad to have an evening away from the hard work involved in creating a new nation and spend some time with like minded folks. The event started with the Leader of Scottish Libertarians Tam Laird doing a quick ten minute interview with Vít for the Scottish Liberty Podcast where they discussed Liberland’s origins, current situation and potentially very bright future.

While Tam and Vít delved into geopolitics and the obstacles that will need overcoming for Liberland to join the nations of the world as an independent state others picked Zorana and Bogie’s brains about all sorts of Liberland and liberty related issues – from Croatia’s refusal to allow access to Liberland, to the safe space culture on university campuses, to the tremendous potential of blockchain technology.  Many were pleased to hear that Liberland has already not one but two national beers as well as Air Liberland the national airline.

It was a much anticipated event. One of the attendees came all the way from Glasgow and several people had dressed up for the evening, one fellow even wore a black and yellow bow tie for which he was complimented by both Vít and Zorana. From the smiles to the sound of laughter it was clear that people were having a good time. Bogie’s optimism, and good sense of humour were appreciated by all as were Zorana’s insights into the legal matters surrounding Liberland and Vít‘s determination to make it a success. It’s a rare and happy sight in Scotland to see a room full of libertarians chatting away and having a good time and Scottish Libertarians are very pleased to have hosted such a wonderful event.


Liberland is a stretch of land measuring seven square kilometers situated on the Danube river between Croatia and Serbia. For years following the breakup of Yugoslavia the land was terra nullis, unclaimed land, sought by neither country and in 2015 it was claimed by Czech national Vít Jedli?ka as the new country of Liberland. His vision for the new country is one of ultra limited government, confined to roles of justice, security and diplomacy and a place where taxation is voluntary. Liberland faces many challenges including Croatia’s reluctance to allow access to the land but nothing so far has dissuaded Vít and his team on their mission to get Liberland internationally recognized.

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