Joint Statement on Independence

Joint Statement on Independence

On the 13th March 2017 Nicola Sturgeon fired the starting gun on the second Scottish independence referendum and positioned the country for a second debate on Scotland’s constitutional future. We, The Scottish Libertarian Party, believe that this debate has immediately been presented in a manner that does a great disservice to the voters in this country.

That the result of the Brexit vote was the trigger for this subsequent referendum, the SNP has been quite open about. What they have done with calling this vote and framing it as a reaction to the Conservative’s approach to Brexit, however, is to ignore the real issues at stake.

The SNP intend to present this as a choice between two possible alternatives – One, Scotland votes to secede from the UK and join the EU as a new member state and Two, Scotland votes again to remain in the UK and secedes from the EU as part of the UK.

The Scottish Libertarian Party reject the presentation of the choices as such and urge all parties to consider a third alternative; True independence, for which neither of the options presented meet the litmus test.

We believe Scotland should be an independent state, friendly and trading with all nations, yet beholden and accountable only to people who live in, and make up Scotland. We believe that independence offers the country an opportunity unlike any other to extend true power over our future to all who reside here and is an opportunity that should not be wasted by comparing the relative merits or demerits of the UK or the EU.

The referendum is not about the UK. It’s not about the EU. It’s about Scotland and the best future we can achieve for this country in a period of unprecedented pace and change. For this future, we support the idea that the greatest way we can secure it is by the extension of liberty in it’s greatest measure to all, so that all individuals might be free to take any opportunity they please to provide for themselves and their families, free of the interference of others who do not know their circumstances or their desires.

Both the UK and the EU infringe upon the personal liberty of individuals and we believe that, for Scotland, the most desirable future is to become the most prosperous and free nation on Earth and we believe this is only possible in an independent state unshackled from all political unions.

Tam Laird – Leader, Scottish Libertarian Party

Derek Scott – Deputy Leader, Scottish Libertarian Party

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6 Comments on "Joint Statement on Independence"

  • Johnny says

    I agree with what you are saying however proposing a third choice would damage the chances of true independance and is simply not feasable. I suggest that libertarians support independence from the UK as it then means we are in a position to make our own choices about EU membership. Itll take a long time to apply whoch is a perfect window of oppertunity for there to be a debate on scotlands Eu membership but only if scotland says yes to indepepndence.

  • Colin says

    Have to say that Johnny’s comments make more sense. The concern would be that the SLP is a tool to oppose Independence, by splitting the SNP/Indy vote. An alignment or alliance as one of the YES parties when it comes to a vote, would go some way to dispelling such concern…. .just saying……

  • Eleanor says

    oh dear i was going to put you’re party 3rd as you are pro indy but after reading you’re anti EU you are now going 4th out of 7

    • Admin says

      We had an emergency meeting after your reply Eleanor and decided to tear up our entire manifesto and constitution and start again.

      Your 3rd vote is far too important to us.

      Please forgive our opposition to what we mistakenly believed to be a monolithic unelected big government behemoth. We now realise that Scotland being one voice in 29 is a vast improvement on being one voice in four.

      Can we have your “3rd” vote back?

      • Brian Ogg says

        Dear Space Cadets, I hope the lady does give you back her 3rd vote – it may be the only one you get.

        • Admin says

          Dear Brian,

          Thanks for commenting. I remember your hilarious adventures in The Daily record. How is Marileen and Charlie the Charolais Govan bull? You were the best thing in that socialist rag.

          Anyway, glad you are still making us all laugh with your absurd carry on.

          Keep it up

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