Big Debate, Is immigration a good thing?

Big Debate, Is immigration a good thing?

The Scottish Libertarian Party are going to be holding a debate online which anyone is welcome to attend if they wish and put their views across.

The debate is going to focus on,

Should the UK government secure her borders, with stricter immigration laws or is immigration a good thing and maybe the UK government should instead relax border security

Join us here online on Wednesday the 29th of August at 9pm

To join in,

1) Download and install Paltalk at if you are on a windows device.  If you are on a Linux or Apple mac device you may visit

2) If you don’t have an account, signup otherwise log in.

3) Visit the Scottish Libertarian group by browsing through the room categories, note the room will only be available on Wednesday at 9pm.

Social Issues and Politics » Government & Politics  » Scottish Libertarians

4) Alternatively you may visit the Scottish libertarian room directly from the Group paltalk website by clicking here or using the supplied paltalk website plugin below


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