Another Hurdle Passed For Scottish Libertarian Party

Scottish Libertarian Party Quick Update  

Last week, an agreement was reached with the United Kingdom Libertarian Party (UKLP) for use of the name “libertarian” in Scotland.  The Election Commission had refused to allow us to register our party as the Scottish Libertarian Party because of rules pertaining to similar names that might confuse voters.  The UKLP has kindly agreed to amend their registration so that they will no longer be running for elections in Scotland, thus leaving us free to register the party.

The next step is raising the money to pay for our registration.  In the coming weeks we will be creating a means by which interested parties can pre-register to join the party.  Once enough money has been raised, we will go ahead and complete the paperwork and become officially recognised as the Scottish Libertarian Party.  Please continue to watch this space for these developments.

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D. Logan-Scott

Daniel Logan-Scott
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Is a writer from Los Angeles, California and has been living in Glasgow, Scotland for the past fifteen years. His written works focus on the Cultural Philosophy and History of the Romantic Era (1776-1929).

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