Announcement of AGM

Announcement of AGM

As many of you know we are obliged by the rules of the Electoral Commission to hold an Annual General Meeting and give the appropriate notice of such.

Given the difficulties presented by the Covid 19 situation this may prove problematic.However all things being equal the party will now go ahead with it’s AGM on Saturday November 14th at 10:00 hrs.

The venue has yet to be decided but will either be somewhere in Edinburgh or at the party HQ in Kilmarnock. We will inform everyone as soon as humanly possible in the circumstances.

Obviously this is subject to change and we may have to postpone.

Meanwhile any matters you wish to be discussed or motions to be tabled should be forwarded in writing to the party leadership no later than 4 weeks before the AGM date.

Among discussions will be the proposed party manifesto for the Scottish Elections 2021 and what should be included.

I Hope to see many of you there.

Tam Laird

Party Leader



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  • Jonathan Rainey says

    Is there anything within the rules of the Electoral Commission that says ever single party member must attend any scheduled AGM? If so, will any party member attending AGMs or formal conferences via bus or train be considered as Essential Travel according to the current laws?

    • Admin says


      There’s no rule on that. If restrictions aren’t eased by then we won’t get a venue anyway

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