AGM Minutes: 2019

AGM Minutes: 2019

AGM Minutes: 14th September 2019

AGM Opened – Procedure reminder from Chair Andrew Coventry:

Welcome to Scottish Libertarian Party’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday 14th September 2019. Reminder to all members in attendance that this meeting is a legal requirement and for all to be respectful and mindful of one another, and that only 1 person to be speaking at any one point.


Opening Speech from Deputy Leader Stef Johnstone:

“Thank you, everyone, for coming along to this year’s AGM for the Scottish Libertarian Party.
This past year has been eventful as always. Today we are going to hear from the hard working
people, who I have the privilege to observe and support behind the scenes, that bring the events our members and supporters want from the party. As each year passes the challenges we face increase, but the team who meet these challenges, continue to exceed my greatest expectations, even during times of great personal and life changing events of their own. I would like to congratulate all of you in advance and I look forward to serving you as Deputy Leader for another year.”


Financial Statement from Treasurer Liam Harkness:

Financial report created and handed out for members to see. Breakdown given and explained to
members reserves are increasing. Expenditure has risen with having new office, printing and posting. Income coming in from new membership, renewing membership and donations.


Membership Update from Membership Secretary Peter Sidor:

Similar membership count as previous year. Changing membership to auto-renewal for current
members. Adding auto-renew button to paypal and website.


Elections Update from Nominations Officer Stephen McNamara:

Had candidates stand in 2 by-elections that didn’t do as well as hoped for but with issues surrounding Brexit, never really expected much. Electorate appeared more disillusioned with politics than was first thought and national issues took precedence over local issues.


No election challenge made for Party Leader.


No election challenge made for Deputy Leader.


Nominations being taken for Constitutional Committee:

Incumbents: Henry Christian, Calum Paul, Antony Sammeroff, Peter Sidor.
Nominations proposed so far include: Andrew Coventry, Daniel Fraser, Heidi Fraser.

Hold Vote.

Henry Christian and Calum Paul were happy to step aside for more able bodies to take their place on the committee.

Daniel Fraser and Andrew Coventry were both nominated and elected into position.


Proposal 1, by Katrina Angus:

Add the following statement to the Scottish Libertarian Party’s policies:
“We officially support the LPUK in their support for a confederation as detailed in their proposed
constitution for that confederation.”

Deferred due to the need for further discussion. This was a unanimous vote.


Proposal 2, by Peter Sidor:

Add the following statement to the Scottish Libertarian Party’s policies:
“Abolish the universal offer of “free” care, and Remove childcare regulations around children per staff ratios.”

Proposal was split into 2 as follows

“Abolish the universal offer of “free” care. This was a unanimous decision.

“Remove childcare regulations around children per staff ratios”. Carried by majority with concerns from Heidi Fraser and Stef Johnstone.


Proposal 3, by Stephen McNamara:

The Party should update the list of Party Descriptions registered with the Electoral Commission.
Proposal amended with due process and authority added at the end. This was a unanimous decision.


Proposal 4, by Stephen McNamara:

The membership fees to join the Scottish Libertarian Party should be changed and increased to the following:
£2.50 per month payable by direct debit.
£25 per year payable by direct debit.
£25 per year payable by PayPal.
£1000 one off single payment for a lifetime membership.
Honorary lifetime membership should be awarded to every party leader upon their resignation.

Deferred to Constitutional Committee and Treasurer for price being raised and agreed. This was a unanimous decision.


Proposal 5, by Stephen McNamara:

Start an election deposit scheme for eligible candidates.
£10 per month for Holyrood constituency.
£20 per month for Holyrood and Westminster constituencies.
£25 per month for any constituency including any By Election.

Proposal defeated.


Any other competent business:

Jonathan Rainiey – Party support for proposal or personal proposal against local issue. Unanimously passed as not to be affiliated with it.

Peter Sidor – BBC Scotland Question Time

Keith Chamberlain – Marketing for recognition of the party to the younger generation

Stephen McNamara – Affiliation and price list with Minuteman Press



We have apologies from Anja Harkness due to childcare problems, Ann Oliver and Sandra Johnstone due to health issue, John Watson due to car problems and Katrina Angus for personal reasons.


Close of AGM by Chair Andrew Coventry:

Thank you to everyone for their time and effort to attend today and for respecting other members who were talking.


Closing Speech from Party Leader Tam Laird:

Thank you to each and everyone of you for making the effort today. Thank you to Liam for keeping track of finances. Thank you to Stef and Stevie for keeping the party axles grinding and lastly to Peter Sidor for maintaining the memberships flowing smoothly and all the literature that he has produced.

Congratulations to Peter Sidor who has won our Lion of Liberty award for the tremendous work he has undertaken in the past year despite becoming a new dad.


End of AGM

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