General Election Announcement

General Election Announcement

I’m pleased and proud to announce that in a historic moment, none other than our very own deputy leader Stef Johnstone will be our first candidate to run in a UK general election.

Stef will stand in the Kilmarnock and Loudoun constituency and I hope as many of you will turn out to support her as possible on and before December 12th.


Stef has been a stalwart member and supporter of the party for many years, and does much work behind the scenes as well as centre stage.


Some of you may wonder why we are only standing in one constituency. I take the view that this is very much a one issue election, and that the delivery of Brexit is the ultimate aim. In view of this I think it’s better to preserve party funds and efforts for the Scottish Elections in 2021 where we hope to field candidates in every region as well as a few select constituencies.


For those unable to vote for our own candidate. Please consider voting for the candidate most likely to deliver Brexit as mandated in the referendum regardless of political affiliation.


Congratulations to Stef on her candidacy and I wish her the best of success!


Tam Laird


Party Leader

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  • Peter Hickman says

    Hi, I have just read your manifesto. Could you please answer the following:
    How much do you have to earn, or own, to be ‘RICH’.
    There is no such thing as a victimless crime, otherwise it would not be a crime. Perhaps you could give me an example.
    Thanks, Peter Hickman, Galston.

    • Peter says

      Hello Peter,

      I’m not sure what your first question is about so “rich” is usually defined as whoever is richer than the person asking. 😉

      More seriously, of course there are such things as victimless crimes, although it’s perfectly fine to argue whether or not they should stay crimes. Prostitution and drug use are two most typical examples. See here for more details and some brief discussion about the controversies surrounding them:


  • Peter Hickman says

    We want to cut benefits from the top and taxes from the bottom. We’ll end corporate welfare
    and non means

    tested benefits for the rich.

    The above is from your manifesto. I think the SNP think that the ‘Rich’ are anyone who earns more then £24,000 or who own property worth more than £100,000. I base this in where increased taxation rates apply (income, and recent CT increases).

    I agree with your examples of victimless crimes in most circumstances. Many laws we have (and the SNP are intent on introducing more) are about forcing particular personal behaviour, and not just protecting the population in general.

    Just a thought but doesn’t being a political party actually go against your main philosophy?

  • Peter says

    As most other things that will vary from one libertarian to the other. 😉

    You’re right in that many of us have quite a problem with politics in general and many are not too keen on party politics either. But wanting to have as little with politics as possible doesn’t mean politics will leave you alone, especially in the UK which seems to be overflowing with people desperate to run other people’s lives. And so was born this political party, which is as much about reaching out to others as well as providing an alternative in Scottish politics that is badly missing.

    Speaking of… why don’t you join us or visit some of our events? There’s a nice community and we’re always up for a good blather. Come if you can!


    • Peter Hickman says

      Sorry I would never join ANY political party. I don’t think party politics has ever served us well. But I fully understand that to make changes you can only fight from within, at least if you are going to do it by the rules. However I think that as I have an opportunity to vote for Stef in K&L you can count on my vote.

      • Peter says

        That’s perfectly fine, got to give it a try you know. 🙂

        Either way, feel free to visit some of events or check us out on Facebook, where there’s a lively little community of folk interested in our topics. The public group has quite a few folks who are not into being in a political party as well.

        (Thank you very much for the email, by the way!)


  • Kelseii says

    Hi, I’m a Unionist Libertarian and I stumbled across this website. At the minute the majority of the UK supports socialist economic policy and social Conservative policy (Like SDP Red and Blue Politics), I’m a supporter of Economic Libertarian Nigel Farage however he seems to have cozied up with Communists. Is there any hope of Libertarianism in the UK regardless if its Libertarian Socialism, Mutualism or Right wing Libertarianism?

    • Peter says

      Hello Kelseii,

      things are not entirely hopeless (or so we hope!), the libertarian movement is growing, however slowly. And that would be our recommendation to you – reach out to others and help things grow. Whether you want to engage in politics in some way or wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole, there is surely something you can do, even if it’s just having a good talk with others who care about the things that you do. If you are in Scotland, of course you should get in touch with our party (and join etc. 🙂 ) but also check out our public group where there’s more people who are not necessarily political (and unionists are welcome in both places). Don’t despair.


    • Just Curious,

      Are you a UK unionist, an EUnionist a UN unionist or all three? Perhaps a trade unionist?

      If there was to be an Intergalactic Union would you also be for that?

      Just wondered how far your commitment to unionism goes.

  • Ray Tate says

    Having just come across your party when googling the candidates standing for the constituency I’m very seriously thinking about voting for Stef tomorrow (99% certain to do so) as my only other choice is voting for the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Candidate, as IMHO the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition is unfit for office being a self-denying virulent anti-Semite so voting Labour is ruled out {I lived in the East Renfrewshire constituency at the 2015 election & voted tactically for the Labour canditate to try to keep the SNP candidate out, which ultimately failed}, & a vote for the present MP, the SNP candidate would only be done tactically in very different circumstances as I’ve always been opposed to Scottish Independence for various reasons – I also voted against a Scottish Parliament on the premise that the minimum amount of government is best & we don’t need an extra layer, something which seems to be dear to your heart! As I voted Brexit a vote for the Liberal candidate is out of the question. I’ve had a quick scan through your manifesto & I have 2 questions – firstly, we all love tax cuts but even for the minimum level of governance how would you raise money to run the ‘minimalist Libertarian government? Secondly what would your foreign policy be especially with regard to the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel? I think I’m actually a libertarian but to return to this election, like all parties, there are policies I support in each of their promises, & I’m sure the vast majority of candidates are very sincere ‘non-professional’ politicians just trying to do their best. As due to our first past the post political system it’s always a 2-horse race the practicality is that the new PM is only decided by a small percentage of voters in the marginals so my vote doesn’t really count & for the reason of Mr Corbyn’s unsuitability for premiership it has to be a majority Conservative & Unionist government under Mr Johnson which has lurched far too far to the Right which is in place this Friday the 13th. Am I too cynical, analytical or just plain confused? The other 2 occupants of the house have no such problems – my partner is a remainer so will be voting Liberal as that’s their bedrock campaign stance & her son will be voting SNP as he’s pro-Scottish independence. Three folk in the same house voting for 3 different candidates with no fallout over it. Now that’s democracy & libertarianism at it’s finest!!

    • Peter says

      Hello Ray,

      thank you for your support! And it’s really good to see differences in politics without disagreements that so often follow. About your questions, in short:

      1: We’d prefer to minimise the use of taxation and aim for services that are self-funded by the people who use them.
      2: Foreign policy should be generally non-interventionist.

      It seems that electoral reform is badly needed in UK and will be the next big topic after (if ever) Brexit is finished.

      Anyway – let us know if you have any more questions and of course try to come to some of our events. 🙂


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