AGM Announced by Leader Tam Laird

AGM Announced by Leader Tam Laird

I am happy to announce that our AGM will take place on the 20th of November this year. This is a great opportunity to voice your opinion on party policy and meet with fellow members – it has been too long getting to know people through a screen!

With the announcement of the AGM, I want to put a rallying call out to members. As of the 20th August, submissions will be open for policy proposals from members who wish to influence change. These submissions should be co-signed by another party member in support and addressed to the AGM Chairman, Bryce Hope at [email protected]. Submissions will close at midnight on 23rd October 2021.

All submissions will be considered. Those that are submitted within the time period and comply with the Party’s constitution will be put forward for debate at the AGM. For more detail about the rules and set-up of the AGM, you can view our Constitution, specifically Section 8.

It’s been a bad time for Liberty globally. The UK and especially Scotland have not escaped unscathed. Individual rights and freedoms taken for granted for centuries have been trampled down by both Westminster and Holyrood. The enactment of the Hate Crimes Bill, the constant attacks on free speech and expression and of course the assault on free movement, free association, and bodily autonomy through the draconian, unnecessary and even counter productive Covid lockdown restrictions have taken a huge toll. It’s been a huge success from the point of view of a resurgent and belligerent state.

The Scottish Libertarian Party have spoken out and demonstrated against these infringements from the very beginning. We remain the only Scottish party who have consistently fought, and will continue to fight for your individual rights and liberties.

Freedom does not come easily or cheap. It takes constant vigilance, dedication and of course action to keep the embers of liberty glowing when faced with a tsunami of state and MSM-sponsored propaganda and lies. The SLP are pledged to do that and we need your help.┬áThere’s never been a better or more crucial time to get involved. Your voice, your efforts, your skills are needed and appreciated. It’s a tough struggle but we are making headway.

We will be announcing our venue closer to the time of our AGM so keep an eye on our website and social media pages to keep up to date. Until then, all the best for peace, prosperity and freedom.


Tam Laird, Scottish Libertarian Party Leader

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