Petition: Smoking Ban Review

Petition: Smoking Ban Review

Smoking Ban Petition To ChangeBelinda Cunnison on behalf of Freedom to Choose has started a petition to have the Scottish government review the smoking ban.

The petition has been created after further evidence suggests that a smoking ban is completely unnecessary if not over the top.

It quotes the European air quality standard (Ventilation for non-residential buildings, EN 13779) report which said,

“The most important design assumptions with respect to the indoor air quality are information about the human occupancy, whether smoking is allowed or not, and emissions from sources other than human metabolism and smoking.”

The creators of the petition go on to point out that there is equipment available to eliminate smoke from indoor venues.

It also points out that MP’s such as Greg Knight and Philip Davies have called for a review along with the Scottish Licensed Trade Association.

It is also the belief of the group as it is of the Scottish Libertarians that business and consumers should have the right to choose.

In response to the the claims that secondary smoke is a danger and there are safe and unsafe levels the group points says,

“We regard this as an extreme and impractical position to take on secondary smoke. Indeed there is evidence that in spite of this guideline, authorities have established a level of secondary smoke that can be inhaled safely in a day (3). Our position is that air quality is a general public health problem in the UK (4) and while tobacco smoke is not a problem that affects everybody, air quality does affect everybody. Eradicating smoking from indoor areas will not offer comprehensive protection against bad indoor air.

There are a number of options available to deal with smoke and any problems people may believe they cause.

However we would also point out that there is contradictory evidence as to whether or not secondary smoke is in fact a danger.

Furthermore it should be the choice of the consumer and business owner whether or not secondary smoke is a problem them or their business.

The petition has the backing of the Scottish Libertarian party and we encourage all to sign it and demand a review of the smoking ban.

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  • ed says

    It does seem inconsistant that that an adult can not choose to go to, work in or run a smoking bar. Yet that same adult has no choice to breath the polluted air in the street where there is no vechile smoking ban in place.

    An activity of freedom of choice banned, yet one with no choice not banned.

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