Nanny Sturgeon isn’t finished with your kids yet!

Nanny Sturgeon isn’t finished with your kids yet!

New rules set freedoms to party, dance and snog..while rules for schools outrage parents!

Tuesday 3rd August brought another fascinating spectacle from the Scottish Government. Nicola Sturgeon took to the podium to announce she would be ditching part of her propaganda (the ‘Levels’ system) and relaxing certain restrictions but maintaining most.

While the new normal allows for dancing in clubs, no social distancing or late night curfews, young school-goers will be forced to mask up throughout the day, swab themselves religiously and ‘keep a safe distance’ from their friends. 

This appears to be a continuing trend in Sturgeon’s approach: prioritising adults over the well-being of children.

Parents say these actions are having dire consequences on children and youngsters who have already paid the price of this pandemic.

Sturgeon announced that students aged 12 and up will be required to wear face masks during class time and when indoors. She has also presented another £10m for schools to ‘improve ventilation’ leaving students praying for a warm winter. 

Also announced was the revelation that her administration would like to see the vaccine offered to 12-year-olds. Going by the SNP’s history on family rights, it is hard to say how much say, if any, parents will have when it comes to this decision. 

Tam Laird, Leader of SLP, advises “get your children out of mainstream education while you still can!” Many others are saying the same thing with increasing creeping ideological education taking effect.

You can watch Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement here.

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2 Comments on "Nanny Sturgeon isn’t finished with your kids yet!"

  • Ross Gibson says

    It’s fucked up beyond belief that children’s wellbeing is being continually sacrificed to fight against a virus that poses minimal risk to them. Its’s completely backwards to sacrifice the young to protect the old and is the sign of a degenerating society

    • Admin says

      Couldn’t agree more! But it isn’t just ‘the old’ whom children are being asked to protect, it is all people outside of school age including perfectly healthy, ‘young’ teachers. Totally mental!
      The question is, what to do about it? I hear and read of more and more people choosing the route of home-schooling, which is a perfectly viable option but very difficult for a lot of parents. I would like to see a loosening of all regulations on education so that parents can more easily choose from an increasing number of schools. It would help to weed out bad teachers from good ones and it would maximise the opportunity for parents to get their children the kind of education they want them to have, not what the state – and many special interests – want them to have. It is in the self-interest of the people in government to politicise the curriculum and produce lower IQ students and less independent thinkers. If we get them out of the education system, then parents and school will be free to negotiate with one-another.

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