A Statement on Covid19 Developments

A Statement on Covid19 Developments

We, the Scottish Libertarian Party, support government efforts to contain the Coronavirus but we have grave concerns about the effects of the current measures.

We recognize that it’s a serious issue but we are concerned that the long term effects on the economy could be worse than the effects of the virus itself.

Worrying about the “economy” seems so frivolous when people’s lives are at stake but we need to remember that poverty kills as well. If we ruin people’s livelihoods we can expect them to have more physical and mental health issues, substance abuse issues, suicides, relationship failures and all around shorter lives.

How many lives will be saved through this lockdown of society and how many lives will be lost because of it?

This lockdown is on its way to destroy countless businesses. The package of massive government bailouts, a problem in its own right, will not change that.

This does not even touch on what this means for personal freedom of everyone in the UK. We haven’t committed any crime but we are all prisoners now. And what does it say about a government if it doesn’t trust its population?

In the end, as libertarians, we have every confidence that innovation will prevail over this crisis, in new business models and practices, through people working with each other and helping each other.

We will overcome this virus.

We welcome anybody who intelligently questions the government and provides alternatives both in their personal lives and the markets.

Stay safe everyone.

Click link below for full details of the government’s policy: https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2020/03/the-frightening-implications-for-liberty-of-the-shutdown-an-explanation-of-the-use-of-law-to-deprive.html

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