What should be LGBTQ+ rights?

Libertarians support the rights of all individuals to live their lives as they see fit without interference from government or such another group or individual. Provided they do not interfere with anothers right to do the same.

It is unclear what an LGBTQ+ right is or what it would look like. Libertarians believe in individual rights and those rights are universal and unalienable.

For example the right to life, liberty, the right to contract, work, free speech, freedom of association, free movement.

In our view, nobody has …

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Who would build the roads?

This is a question every libertarian comes across at some point, if not repeatedly and ad nauseam. There are two answers to this question. The first is what I would term the moral or principled answer. Which is “We don’t care.” Let me explain that this way. Imagine we are living in the 19th century and as a party we advocate the abolition of slavery. An enterprise which has hitherto gone on unhindered for thousands of years. A concerned person may very well inquire “but …

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