Key Members

The Scottish Libertarian Party needs support from every member with no job or role too small. The key members in the party include the following:

Leader: Tam Laird

Tam Laird is a former infantry soldier originally from Bellshill Lanarks. Now living in Edinburgh Tom has a history of political activism, having once been a member of the SNP in the days when it purported to believe in Independence.

Deputy Leader: Derek Scott

Derek Scott chairs the Aberdeen branch and spends his spare time writing and recording music.

Chair: Alan Findlay

Formerly a Stockbroker, Alan Findlay now owns and runs a successful Property Investment Business and writes regularly on Real Estate, and Economic Trends. His most recent book, ‘Recession Proof Real Estate’ is a ‘how to guide’ for Investors looking to make money in any economic weather.

Treasurer: Liam Harkness

Liam is from Dumfries but moved to Edinburgh originally to study law at the University of Edinburgh. He now works as an accountant in the city.

Nomination Officer: Stephen McNamara

Stephen is an activist from Kilmarnock.


If you wish to become one of the key members in the Scottish Libertarian Party then please join and send a request with any appropriate information such as experience.